Wednesday, March 3, 2010

School Blues

So lately I have been thinking that this whole education thing just stinks. We have babies and then send them out into the real world too soon. I think we should wait to start our children in kindergarten until the age of oh ten! I miss my Teagan every day and since he is in full day I feel that I am missing so much. He has another mother to teach him new things from 8:30 until 3:00. I want to be there! Now I could keep him home and home school, but he needs friends. I like where he is at and how much he has already learned so far. Noah Webster is a wonderful school. I just miss my bud. Who knows what will happen when my baby (whom ever that will be) is ready for school and I am left behind. Of course by then I may be should be done with school and teaching. Also what I have noticed is Ashlyn seems to prefer Rayle since he is home most of the time. Teagan still gets her to laugh but she follows Rayle with her eyes. I am interested in what will happen once she becomes mobile.

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