Friday, February 26, 2010

A Disappearing Act

OH MY GOODNESS! I am amazed that a RED jacket can suddenly disappear. I mean they have armholes so they should be able to walk and get the heck out of dodge, right? I searched through a MOUNTAIN of sweaters and jackets looking for his RED jacket and NOTHING. I got the privilege of going through some smelly and wet sweaters. GROSS!!! What I don't understand is how other parents aren't at the school claiming these. Hello, Teagan has been missing his jacket for only two days. The day it came up missing I was on the horn calling around for it. I even called the park where he went on a field trip to see if they had it. I wish we had money that we could just throw way. Brian asked me if there was anything nice we could "trade" out for. Yes not I am not going to do something like that. So now we must buy a new jacket for Teagan since he has lost, I mean his jacket disappeared. WE are headed up north Sunday so I guess tomorrow we will be on the hunt.